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Thank you for visiting our recently renewed website after having received our information. Please have a look on our website. You will get a good and complete overview of the services we can provide. We have divided it for you into 4 groups with different budgets:
• Corporate Events, duration activities, one day, with a budget of € 50,- to € 150,- pp
• 2-3 Day Incentive trip in the Netherlands or just in a country around it with a budget of € 150,- to € 350, - pp
• 3 Day Incentive trip within Europe with a budget of € 450,- to € 1250,- pp
• Team training on demand per day or days in the Netherlands or abroad.

incentive trips

Incentive trips
Our incentive trips usually last for three days and are completely taken care of by us. Including: flights, transfers, hotel accommodation, catering and activities. Our own tour guide ensures that you as organizers of your company only need to relax and enjoy the program. He/she will tell every bit of the program and settles all matters locally and knows all destinations.

Corporate Event (duration 1 day)
A day of team building or just go for some fun entertainment with your team or company. With each other you will explore fun new activities in our or your own country. See our program.

Corporate Event (with overnight stay)
To an island, to Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Maasstricht. To the German Sauerland or the Belgian Ardennes. Overnights Netherlands|│Overnights Sauerland │Overnights Ardennes.

Team Training
Do you want a tailor made team training or linked to a multi-day program? Team Training


Training & Travel

What is our strength?

-We are a Flexible Organization with short lines to the director
-Private Purchase and own tour guides
-Much Experience
-Personal Contact and advice on options and budget
-Member of the Travel Guarantee Fund, sort of a Dutch insurance
-We Provide solutions to the employment costs in 2015